Frequently Asked Questions about Ares Touch:

Minimum hardware requirements
  • - Smartphone or tablet running Android 4.2 or higher
  • - Recommended RAM: 1 GB or more
  • - ARM processor (Intel is not yet supported) - Google Play Store automatically check the type of processor in your device

Is ARES Touch is free? How can you buy it?
After installing ARES Touch, you can activate the free trial version operating for 30 days. After this time, you can continue to enjoy free ARES Touch but limited in terms of functionality. Using the full functionality ARES Touch the test period requires active subscription to this program, included in the package price ARES Commander. When you purchase a new license ARES Commander, or upgrade, you will get the opportunity to use the ARES Touch for a period of one year, with an option to renew for a further period.

have a license ARES Commander, on how to activate ARES Touch?
During activation ARES Commander on the selected computer, Graebert database has been created individual user account, which can be activated after logging license ARES Touch.
Please note that the subscription ARES Touch is associated with a subscription for ARES Commander. If you purchase the Annual Plan, the subscription is active only during the period of validity of the license. If you purchase a perpetual license subscription must be renewed after the first year. If the subscription is not est current is activated ARES Touch will not be authorized. However, you can use the free trial period lasting 30 days.

Can I buy ARES Touch without ordering ARES Commander?
These two programs are part of one package. By purchasing one of them the second you get a bonus. If you adjust mainly to use mobile version of ARES Touch and do not plan to use the fixed version ARES Commander, consider buying Plan Annual program ARES Commander. You will get the opportunity to use ARES Touch for a period of one year and an additional bonus in the form of an annual license ARES Commander. If you do not have a computer, you do not need to install ARES ARES Commander to activate Touch.

What are the main differences between the free version and the full?
When using ARES Touch, you can switch between three modes of use. Full mode (full functionality). Simplified mode (limited capabilities of the selected tools descriptive). View Mode (no toolbar, the entire screen for viewing the figure). After the trial period or expiration of your subscription, you can still use the features available in Simplified mode and view mode but does not have access to the premium features offered in Full mode. Simplified mode available in the free version of ARES Touch is more than sufficient for viewing DWG and add some dimensions and texts. You can also save and share drawing files. The functionality of the premium, only available in Full, includes all the drawing tools and editing as well as some advanced features such as descriptive. Voice Memo. More information can be found in the Google Play Store.

What happens when my subscription expires?
When buying ARES Commander also receive a subscription to the eden year covering ARES Touch, as well as access to technical support and functionality LicenseToGo. Before the end of the end of the subscription will receive a notification reminding about the possibility of its extension for another year. Renewal will not be performed automatically without a decision on the part of the user.
If you do not renew your subscription you will lose access to premium features ARES Touch offered in Full mode. Simplified Functionality mode and browsing continues to be available free of charge. In order to restore the full functionality you can use to purchase an upgrade license ARES, allowing the use of the ARES Touch for another year.

How many devices do I activate using the same account?
The short answer is: "on the back on how much you want to." Our licensing system identifies used Google account. The user uses the same Google account can use several mobile devices at no extra charge. Just activate each of these devices using the same account Graebert. If your Google account is shared with others, the licensing system detects such a violation and activation will be rejected.

When can we expect the introduction of the iOS version?
Application version for iOS is in the process of developing a system in the form of Beta will be published soon. If you purchase the license program, you can access this version under your subscription and you will receive information when the application is ready for download.

How to share files between my computer and ARES Touch?
You can connect ARES Touch to Dropbox or Google Drive. After setting up your new folder is created in the Cloud resources, which will be placed DWG files to be synchronized with the ARES Touch. This procedure protects against accidental synchronization of hundreds of DWG files stored on Dropbox or Google Drive. Transferring files from a computer is easy when you install on the client Dropbox and / or Google Drive. You can also install a mobile version of the client that allows you to move files to a folder ARES Touch while working outside the office.
If you do not want to use the cloud, you can also move DWG files through e mail. Optionally, you can connect your mobile device to your computer using a cable and transfer the files to a subdirectory "Drawings" in the resources ARES Touch.

How do I start?
ARES Touch has been designed in a way that reduces the time spent on the learning curve. The commands of the application work as the desktop version, but taking into account the optimization of the touch interface. With the fundamental differences you can read in a few minutes watching prepared by our instructional videos.