The new version of ARES Commander 2017

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Key new features of ARES Commander 2017

The new concept of "Trinity" - a new common interface
New dark user interface introduces new features and unifies the look of all the programs included in the system ARES CAD
New interface 'Dark UI' is part of a unique concept Graebert named "Trinity", which assumes the use of a single system platform desktop, mobile and in the cloud. In addition to modern design improvements have been introduced in the form of automatically hiding palettes, supplemented entries on the command line, the history of undo / redo as well as the initial screen.

Portal user license management and devices
Maximum flexibility, the use of a license to any computer
New 'Portal User' makes it easier to manage their licenses and subscriptions. With owned license can be used on any computer. In practice, the same user can activate your license at the same time even two computers, and then log in at any time to use the license to other computers.

Handles multi-purpose
Quick Editing appear when you hover the cursor over the handle end or in the middle of the object
Moving the cursor over an object handle activates a new context menu offering fast editing functions. The range of available commands can be different and depends on the type of objects: editing length, stretching the object endpoints, change the radius of the arc, adding a vertex of the polyline or replace the arc to polyline.

Improved editing polylines
Adding a vertex in the middle segment, replacing the segment arc or line
New command options 'Editing polyline' work faster when editing polylines. They allow you to replace arc segment on the line or vice versa, or add a new vertex in the middle segment and to change its location. Other new options allow you to give convergence and reversal of direction.

The relative angles and coordinates for
Using the "@" you can enter the angle measured from the last segment
"@" Symbol can now also be used to make angles relative, just as before to enter the relative distance. This unique functionality significantly simplifies the coordinates for the next segment lines and polylines.

Features trimming the hatch and fill
Unsurpassed flexibility edit the shape of the hatch and gradient fill
Well-known functions 'Cut' and 'Advanced trim' can now be used to edit hatch and gradient fill, so editing the shape of such areas has never been easier. Separated during editing areas hatch and fill retain reciprocal links and are still one object.

Advanced converting PDF to DWG
New functionality obtains more information from a PDF file
Apart from conversion of PDF files into DWG and their batch processing format. ARES Commander now allows to reconstruct the structure of the layers and their names, as well as the behavior of line styles and line width of objects.

Quick insertion of central lines
The center lines can be placed between a pair of lines, concentric arcs, and polyline segments
Useful functionality, often used in mechanical projects may be useful in other cases. The command 'Centerline' draws a line in the middle of the distance between a pair of selected objects. This line is immediately assigned line style type CENTER and its ends can be properly matched.

Array objects along any path
Copying objects along a path defined by another object
This command allows you to deploy multiple copies of the selected object along the line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse or spline. Available options allow you to change the settings depending on the distance and the number of copied objects, as well as determine the orientation of the element relative to the selected track.

Distribution of dimension lines
Adjustment of dimension lines and extension lines to avoid overlap
Functionality 'Share dimension' helps raise readability comments drawing. Allows for dividing the dimension line or extension line dimension when the overlap with other objects.

Advanced Editing block attributes
New dialog to edit the properties and block attributes
After selecting one or more blocks of the same type, a dialog box appears in which you can change one or more attributes or modify the properties of the block, such as a layer, line style, color, text style, and many others.

Dynamic Print Preview
Changed settings dialog print speeds up
Rebuilt the print dialog box has the function of a dynamic preview, showing the faithful how the picture looks when printed. Matching the appropriate print settings is done in one place, so you do not have to switch between windows, and preview settings.

More command in the 'Additional Tools'
Other new features help you to perform tedious tasks - now also available for Mac and Linux
A quick glance at the extended menu or ribbon tab called 'Additional Tools' allows you to discover many new features to help you manage viewports, import / export styles dimensional, creating a transparent text tables, scaling blocks, the sequence of the display, and help in many other activities.

Additional elements introduced in ARES Commander 2017

Adjusting object properties to the layer
Changing the properties of selected objects 'How Layer'
The new command 'SETBYLAYER' streamlines the editing of objects by matching their selected properties, such as .: color, line type and line width to the current settings of the layers on which they were placed.

Changing workspace
Moving objects from the model to the sheet and vice versa
The new command 'CHANGESPACE' facilitates the transfer of the contents of the project area between the model and the areas of individual sheets. Transferred objects are placed in the right place and using the scale assigned to the selected viewport in a specific worksheet.

Coming soon in future updates 'Service Pack':

The hub for your DWG files in the Cloud (Coming for SP1)
Users with active subscription for ARES Commander 2017 will receive as part of the upgrade package 'Service Pack 1' right to use the program ARES Kudo¹, allowing for sharing and viewing DWG files via the cloud. Editing functions needed to create and modify DWG drawings on the cloud platform will be introduced in the next update packages. ARES Kudo is offered on a subscription program ARES Commander and is one of the elements of the strategy Graebert called the 'Trinity of CAD', providing users access to CAD tools on all three platforms: fixed, mobile and cloud.