ARES Touch - edit projects from mobile devices

Project preparation does not have to take place in the office only. Now you can significantly reduce the use of paper documentation. With ARES Touch on Android mobile devices, you can create and edit projects wherever you choose. You will be able to easily move changes outside the office, for example during a visit to a construction site or during a conversation with a customer.


ARES Touch for mobile devices is currently the most advanced and advanced CAD system for Android. The software is functional and comfortable to use - its intuitive interface has been adapted to the needs of mobile devices. It contains all the necessary tools. With ARES Touch, in seconds, anywhere you'll be able to correct a design or enrich it with additional details or annotations. The program also allows sketching of projects.
Applying changes with ARES Touch gives you many more options than editing your projects from the browser. Very important functionality is the ability to connect software with Dropbox or Google Drive. This will allow the project files to be saved to a specific directory in the cloud, and all changes will be synchronized in real time. This will also allow you to easily retrieve previous versions of your edited content. Alternatively, files you edit outside the office can be saved to a special directory in the mobile version of the ARES Touch client, as well as sent via email or via a USB cable connection. One license gives you many options. ARES Touch and ARES Commander can be installed on any number of devices belonging to a single user. The license is identified by the use of a specific Google Account. All devices on which the software will be used will be activated via the same Graebert account.
It is worth noting that the ARES Commaneder and ARES Touch licenses have been merged. This means that when you purchase a license for ARES Commaneder, the license for ARES Touch sharing is fully free.